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Education Loan


About Education Loan

With time, everything under the sun has gone through an increase in its prices. Be it food, clothing, or real estate. And, education has not been left out. The cost of education has been on the rise so much so that some of the best courses in the top-notch colleges have become beyond the reach of many meritorious students. However, to their respite the availability of student education has also increased tenfold. Student education loans are readily available at low interest rates. If you are a good student or want to pursue higher education at overseas colleges you no longer need to think about burning a hole in your or your parent’s pocket. Sugmya Finance is well-known for offering easy to avail student loans at low interest rates.

Student loan is offered to needy and poor student who have show brilliance in academics. Also, students who want to technical education at Indian and overseas colleges are also eligible for student loans. Thousands of students have benefitted from this loan option as their way to a better learned person has become very easy. No more burden on their families – all thanks to student education loans available at such an amazing interest rate.

The other criteria for obtaining the students loans are also not stringent. Firstly, you need to be a citizen of India. Thereafter, you must have scored the minimum marks required for the course in the college you are aiming to take admissions at. The courses in India may be graduation, post-graduation, or PHD courses. For overseas colleges, students can ask for loans for graduation, certificate, diploma, or PHD courses. The approximate loan amount that a student can avail is 20 lakhs for Indian colleges and 30 lakhs for overseas colleges. This amount may vary depending on students need, course opted for, and college’s reputation.

The general expenses considered in the loan amount are tuition fees, hostel fees, library and examination charges, books purchasing cost, purchase of equipments like computers, travel expenses, college education tour and project work expenses. The repayment process or tenure has been simplified over the years to make sure students don’t face any kind of burden. The students can repay the loan amount along with the interest levied on the same over a period of 10 to 15 years. In special cases, a student might be granted more time as well. If the conditions are good enough, one may repay the entire amount before as well.

The loan is sanctioned only after complete verification to ensure there is no fraud or abuse of the facility. In most cases, the loan amount is not credited to the students account but directly to the college of institutes.

Education loans are a very good option that uplifts the mood of students giving them a satisfaction that they will not be held back due to financial conditions. Students should concentrate of gaining education and there are multiple ways to take care of their finances. If you are a student or a parent looking for financial aid for your child, then contact Sugmya Finance.


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