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Loan Against Property


About Loan Against Property

Property has been one of the differentiators between the rich and the poor. The more land or buildings you own, the richer you are perceived to be. Fortunate are those who have properties to their names. They are rich. After all the value of a property small or big, increases with time. Yes, it is true that the value may not significantly skyrocket overnight, and it may take a couple of years. But it is undeniably a very good investment.

Sugmya Finance is the best place that can help you get loan against property in no time. We offer attractive interest rates and hassle-free documentation process to make the lives of our customers easy. In most cases, it takes not more than 30 minutes to complete the entire process and get the loan amount in our customer’s account.

Consultancy for loan against property:

We are a reputable organization that works for the benefit of our customers. We not only get the loan against property process running but also provide suggestions as to which type of loan would be best for you. We try our level best to make the loan process convenient and easy for our customers. We can also help you make best use of your property by availing the best tenure for your repaying your loan.

Who takes a Loan Against Property?

Generally, there are two kinds of people who opts for loan against property.

  • Loan against property is a valuable option for those who have a few properties to their names and want to leverage them to make more money.
  • Loan against property comes as a saviour for those in dire need of money and want to diminish the cash crunch.

Things to bear in mind:

  • The amount of loan you can get depends on the present market value of your property. Also, you generally get 90% of the market value of
  • Not all properties an be mortgaged. For example, any disputed land will be devoid of any kind of mortgage.
  • If you are a joint owner of your property, then the consent of both the party’s is mandatory.
  • Adding a co-owner improves the overall amount of your loan. This is beneficial if you need a large sum of money as the loan against property.

Self-employed and salaried, both can leverage loan against property. The requirements for both are slightly different.


When you opt for loan against property you are able to understand your real worth in terms of money. There are a lot of humors that saunter the market regarding property prices. However, if you get your property checked by Sugmya Finance then you get to know the real current value of it as per market standard.

Sugmya Finance has been in the business of finances and loans for many decades and has the proper experience to gauge a property well. Sugmya Finance ensures customers get the best value of their property and the loan amont gets deposited in the right time. Contact us for more information!


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