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Short Term Flexi Loan


About Short term flexi Loan

If you think your business is coming to a standstill because of cash crunch, it is time to apply for short term flexi loans. These loans will help you overcome shortfall of money for that difficult time. These loans are, as the name suggests, for a limited period of time and not for a long tenure. These loans are fast to get and easy to pay off. Generally, availed by business people but it can be availed by salaried people also. Flexi loans have turn around the concept of loans which was once thought to be heavy on the pocket and a long term burden.

The best thing about short term flexi loans is that you would not need any collateral for availing this loan. Being a collateral-free loan type the interest rate here is a little higher than traditional personal loans. GST Loans, line-of-credit loans, vendor loans, start-up-loan, capital loans are some of the short term loan that you can apply for.

  • Short term flexi loans can be taken to fund your day to day operations such as salaries of labors, inventory cost etc.
  • A breakdown in machinery may cause mayhem in the business. This can be tackled with a short term flexi loan.
  • Most of the times the budget exceeds the preplanned one. A quick short term flexi loan acts like a smooth balm and fixes everything.
  • Credit card loans are one of the most popular short term flexi loans that you can avail depending on your card limit. Special offers are often given to individuals depending on their card usage.

Eligibility for availing Short Term Flexi Loans are as follows:

This is again very simple,

  • you need to be a business person who at least 12 months into your business.
  • The annual turnover should be at least INR 24,00000. The numbers might vary depending on any new laws have come up that mandatorily needs to be followed. It is advisable that you conduct a comprehensive check at the time you are availing the loan.

In a nutshell, short terms loans are EMI based, a processing fee of about 2% is charged, there is no collateral required, repayment of the loan can be on a monthly basis, interest rates are a little higher than traditional loans and online and offline business can easily apply. You can fix your loan repaying tenure from 12 to 36 months.

Why Apply for Short Term Flexi Loans?

  • The documentation is simple
  • Very helpful at the nick of time
  • Loan amount is disbursed within 48 hours
  • It is mostly an online process, which does not require any travel
  • The documentation is extremely simple and fast.

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