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Terms of Use

Sugmya Finance is an online property (platform) that works to offer financial services to its customers adhering to the following rules and conditions. Before applying or availing our services, it is advisable that you go through the rules and conditions. We reserve the rights to changes our rules and conditions anytime without prior intimation.

  1. Description of Services
    Sugmya Finance provides financial and utility related services such as loans but not limited to it. You are requested to make payments only after gauging our entire service policies. We will not be responsible for any mishap or adverse consequences if you act on the advice of any third party (agents or individual advisors).
  2. License and Site Access
    Sugmya Finance gives information regarding rates of interest and paperworks. However, you are advised to cross check them before you take any step to avail them. We don’t ask for confidential details without citing reasons for them. Don’t share your details until and unless asked for with a valid reason by a certified employee of Sugmya Finance
  3. Eligibility
    Anyone from 21 to 65 years of age can access information in this website.
  4. Your Account
    When you create an account with us or come to terms with our advisors, you should be an Indian citizen, adult, and must not have any previous criminal record. You should not be someone who has been restricted from using online information by the judiciary or any legal body, authorized to do so.
  5. Submitted Content
    The content in Sugmya Finance is updated from time to time. It is advisable that you ensure you are checking out the latest version. Failing to know the complete information or the most current information might lead to loss or money or time which Sugmya Finance will not be held responsible for.
  6. License Disclaimer
    Nothing on any Sugmya Finance will be construed as conferring any license under any of Sufinn’s or any 3rd party's intellectual property rights, whether by estoppels, allegations, or otherwise
  7. Local Laws
    Sugmya Finance has its head office in Delhi and functions from here. In case, you are availing our services from any other location, you should abide by the rules of that particular location.
  8. Limitation of Liability
    You should understand and agree that Sugmya Finance and its affiliates, agents, advisors, employees, and licensors are not liable for any damage, losses, or consequences you fall incur for your misconduct or misplacement. You have no right to charge or file a case against them for actions taken by you. If you find anybody responsible for your losses, you might right to us with the complete proof.
  9. Indemnity
    You indemnify the employees, stakeholders, owners, office people, and everyone associated with Sugmya Finance from all kinds of charges for any information that reached you through any third party sources. You are not allowed to hold anyone associated with Sugmya Finance responsible for any misfortune that happened with you.
  10. Electronic Communication
    You allow Sugmya Finance to keep in touch with you electronically. Sugmya Finance has the rights to reach you for any legal or formal communication in writing or electronically.
  11. Site-Provided message Postings
    Sugmya Finance has the rights to share messages. However, Sugmya Finance is not liable to respond to your messages immediately or at all. You are expected to read all information before availing our services and act responsibly.
  12. Links
    You might get or see third party messages on the website of Sugmya Finance. Sugmya Finance does not hold any responsibility for regarding the authenticity of the third party websites displayed on the website.
  13. Access To Password Protected/Secure Areas
    You are expected to maintain confidentiality. If you are given any unique id or password, never share them with anyone. Only authorized individual or groups are allowed to access using the given details. Anyone found using confidential details without permission will face corresponding consequences.
  14. Modification and Notification of Changes
    CashWSugmya Finance has the right to modify the data on the website. Any change in the 3rd party websites is not mandatorily known yo Sugmya Finance.
  15. Trademarks
    The Patten, trademarks, and logos or Sugmya Finance are solely for their use. No one should be using it for their personal or professional gains. Any person or group found using them without permission will be prosecuted by the law.
  16. General
    In case, any of the above mentioned rules and conditions are violated, the concerned party should be ready to face the consequences.