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Two Wheeler Loan


About Two Wheeler Loan

Gone are the days when a car was considered to be superior to a bike (two wheeler). The two wheeler industry has evolved and they have become at par with the four wheelers. Cars were once considered to a status symbol. However they have become more of a necessity now. Bikes have become a status symbol now. Apart from being extremely useful, they are also considered to be a sign of richness and masculinity. Riding a bike means you will be able to abscond from irritating traffic jams and bottlenecks. Bikes can be easily maintained and the cost of maintenance is also very low. Washing a bike is comparatively much easier than cleaning a car. Bikes are more fuel efficient and the cost of petrol is much lower than what a car consumes. Parking is such a big issue in India. Parking a car is a big trouble. One has to think twice before driving a car to certain places thinking, if or not a parking space will be available in that particular location. Bikes can be easily parked. Also, the theft ratio of bikes is lesser than cars.

There has been rapid development in the appearance and performance of the modern two wheelers. Especially, for colleges goers or young couples, riding on a bike is much fashionable than cars. Bikes are easily available. There are many showrooms around our country where you will be able to find the latest bikes with modern accessories. The overall feeling of riding a bike is much better than driving a car. Also, the availability of modern rental cabs is a great advantage which makes the requirement of owning a car as null. In a way, in all aspects, having a bike is more advantageous than owning a car. Now, if you ask what is the reason to seek two wheeler loans? Keep reading!

It is true that the price of a two wheeler is much lower than a car. However, modern bikes are costlier than what it used to be 10 years back. The cost skyrockets if you add on more and more accessories. It only makes sense to opt for a loan and pay in small EMIs rather than shelling the entire amount in on go. This will ensure you don’t feel the burden of losing a heavy amount from your bank account. It always feels easier to disburse Rs. 10 ten times enjoying your own sweet time than paying Rs. 100 at once.

Sugmya Finance makes way for easy to avail two wheeler loans. We have been helping our customers buy the bike of their dreams with easy to avail two wheeler loans. Also, the interest rate we ask for is the lowest in the market. We don’t charge any extra or hidden charges to ensure

We understand that the requirements of each client are unique. Our financial advisors are highly experienced and offer personalized solutions to each and every customer. If you need a two wheeler loan or want to discuss about it, contact Sugmya Finance now!

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