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Gold Loan


About Gold Loan

The Times are changing, and so is the way people save and spend. The times when people used to think more about savings and spending less is gone. The millennials of today believe in enjoying their life contrary to what the earlier generations used to think about life. Land and gold were considered ideal investments and life securing agents a couple of years back. However, young Indians of today are king size – they want to fulfil all their aspirations and desires before they die. In doing so they don’t mind opting for a loan and paying small interests to repay it within a couple of years. And, the availability of easy to avail gold loan options has been the best for today’s young Indians.

Initially, gold loans were thought to be a product for the poor who could use it to borrow money from rich money lenders to accomplish their requirements. However, with time gold loans have become a product used mostly by the rich to fund their bigger dreams like funding a holiday or preparing for their dream destination wedding. It is true that the modern man prefers paying using credit card or post paid payment options. However, gold becomes an easy mode of currency to bridge the gap between the cash crunch. Plus, gold loans are available round the clock, especially with the emergence and proliferation of the internet.

The availability of gold loans over the internet has made life easier than ever. One can easily get the complete gold loan from the comfort of his or her couch. At Sugmya Finance, availing goal loans is extremely easy. All you need is your income proof, age, and address proof ready.

Again, keeping gold in house gives you sleepless nights. When you mortgage them, you are getting double benefits – firstly, you are getting the loan amount for your use, secondly you can rest assured that your gold is in safe hands (money lender). Also, there are no prepayment charges. You can pay whenever you feel like. There is this facility to make partial withdrawal i.e. withdraw some of the gold you have given for loan. When you offer gold in exchange of loan cash, the money lender is happy as the value of gold increases. The money lender knows tat if you are not able to repay the loan amount he will remain benefitted.


Requirements –

  • You should be a citizen of India.
  • Non-residential Indians may also apply (contact us for more details on this)
  • You should be more than 21 and less than 65 years of age.
  • There should not be any criminal charges recorded against your name
  • Your income should be good enough to proclaim that you will be able to repay the loan in the said time frame.

Sugmya Finance is one of the most revered loan providers. You can contact us round the clock to gain information regarding gold loans. We offer consultation regarding your requirement and suggest you the best loan that you can avail with the lowest interest rate.

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