Our Celebrations

Celebrations at Sugmya

In Sugmya, we believe that festivals are special days to celebrate the tradition, culture, and heritage with happiness, peace, and harmony because it plays a significant role to balance the work-life.

We celebrate each small occasions/ festival at Sugmya. Either its Employees Birthday, Diwali, Holi, , Republic Day, Independence Day, New Year, Christmas, Rudrabhishek (in Shravan month), Havan at branches (Every Saturday), Women’s Day, Men’s Day etc.

An increased motivation and morale among the employees lead to the increase of productivity and profitability of our organization. Festivals can be of a wide range- from traditional festivals of our country to internationally celebrated festivals. A beautifully decorated office for a festival, or a party to celebrate an occasion, lifts the spirits of the employees at workplace.

An office party provides an opportunity to all the employees – from the different branches of the company across the India – to get together and build a strong bond. It helps employees place faces to the names of the team members they have only interacted with over e-mail or telephone so far.


Achievements are more precious than any material or reward, just like the precious metal platinum. And what better way to celebrate milestones than with precious platinum. We have achieved our first milestone of 100+Cr. AUM in the FY-2021-2022 and in the same continuation Sugmya has achieved its another milestone of 300+ Cr. AUM in the FY-2022-2023.


By adding another feather in its wing, Sugmya became a certified company as Great place to work with 96% score which was a remarkable achievement for Sugmya which will help us to build the employee trust, support growth, attract top talents, and reap many other benefits. It will contribute to a positive and fulfilling work environment for our employees and their satisfaction, engagement, and overall well-being. Sugmya has broke the record of market standard rating of 89% and has achieved 96% rating.

Celebrations at Sugmya