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HR Initiatives

Human Resource believes in Investing in employees and strategically supporting their needs which can improve job satisfaction, resulting in greater success in their role within an organisation. Human Resources focuses on managing an organization’s most valuable asset: its employees.

Fun Friday & Sukoon Saturday

By the time everyone reaches Friday/Saturday, they just want to be able to lower the stress. Thus, having a bit of fun in the workplace can actually be beneficial.
Fun Friday/Sukoon Saturday activities provide a break from the monotonous nature of work leaving employees feeling refreshed and energized. Friday /Saturday activities at workplace are huge morale boosters. They help with team building, communication, building relationships, getting to know one another, and creating lifelong memories .

Employee Wellness

Employee wellness is integral to a flourishing workplace, positively impacting productivity, satisfaction, and overall organizational success. Instituting a comprehensive wellness program demonstrates a commitment to the health and happiness of the workforce, creating a win-win scenario for both employers and employees. We at Sugmya keep on Organizing the different wellness program to ensure that our employees are hale and hearty.

HR Initiatives