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Esg Approach

Sugmya Finance Private limited approves and embraces the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) metrics as the central themes for measuring the sustainability and positive impact of our business.

As these criteria help us to better determine the futuristic goals of our business, the organisation strives hard to positively impact the ESG aspects through its operations and societal interactions.

Given below is a snapshot of our imprint towards the organisation’s ESG goals.

Protecting Environment

• Creates employment opportunities in India’s rural sectors leading to less migration and less burden on urban infra and thereby reduces pollution.
• Seventy percent of finance offerings are utilised for agricultural and related activities.
• Promotes renewable energy & wellbeing by financing solar lanterns, sanitation facilities and bicycles.
• Undertakes sapling plantations across our operational geographies.
• Organisation is moving towards total paperless operations.

Committed to Financial Inclusion and Women Empowerment

Care for Society (Social)

• Promotes entrepreneurship among rural missing middle segment
• Helping micro and small enterprises to restart businesses post Covid-19 crisis
• Offers skill development training to rural people to help them find jobs or start their own ventures with minimum capital.
• Undertakes several Community Outreach Activities – starting from e- clinic facility in rural
• Offers financial literacy and insurance coverage for rural households
• Gives utmost importance to customer relationships and apart from grievance mechanism and customer care cells, engages them on social media
• For employees, the organisation offers the Industry best remuneration, monthly & yearly bonuses, upskilling training programs, paid leaves and much more apart from the legally bound benefits.
• Employee Protection Policies are in place to preserve the rights of every employee.
• Varied employee engagement activities are held continuously to keep up the morale and mental health of employees.

Ensuring good Governance

• Long-term strategic and sustainable vision for the organisation.
• Diverse and highly experienced Board of Directors.
• Properly structured Board capable of taking independent and objective decisions
• Equal participation of independent directors in the board.
• Regular performance and compensation review
• Auditor independence and transparency
• Emphasis on shareholder rights
• Board remains in effective control of the affairs of the company
• Transparent financial reporting
• Addresses interest of all stakeholders
• Operates in a highly regulated environment with an excellent compliance track record.

ESG Approach