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Background of Sugmya Foundation

SUGMYA Foundation (SF) was specifically set up to facilitate and channelize all the CSR initiatives and interventions of SUGMYA. Together, we are playing a significant role in nation building both through SUGMYA’s business activities and CSR interventions.

In business terms, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an approach that contributes to sustainable development by delivering economic, social, and environmental benefits for all stakeholders. At SUGMYA, CSR is merely an extension of our company’s vision, mission, and values. Since its inception, SUGMYA has regularly worked towards enhancing these benefits for the community it serves, by means of organizing events at various levels. Since 2023, SUGMYA has also been actively involved in taking various CSR initiatives which are categorized under Umbrella programs with the primary focus to achieve social & financial impact. And with the same prospects, Sugmya has been actively contributing to charitable organizations and SUGMYA Foundation (SF) as part of its CSR mandate, with the hope that these extended associations will offer wider opportunities for SUGMYA to aid and contribute to the betterment of the society and making it’s a better place to live.


Development in a large country such as ours brings with it various challenges— the foremost being translating economic growth to sustainable development. Through various Sustainable Livelihood initiatives, SUGMYA FOUNDATION encourages marginalised communities and businesses to include social and environmental consideration in their operations.

Inclusive of immediate & extended beneficiaries:-


As a socially responsible corporate, we proactively empower and enable the growth and development of communities.
To analyse & cater the actual needs of the society and act as a responsible channel for the community people by facilitating & strengthening their social, financial & environmental sustainability.


We are committed to empower marginalised communities. Our CSR strategy seeks to integrate our work in community development, social and environmental responsibility by spreading awareness among the society on various areas by transforming the lives of more than 2 million households by the year 2030.

Pillars of Sugmya Foundation

A visionary outlook from our Directors’ Desk: Mr. Vikas Singh & Mr. Braj Mohan Singh

Being a responsible corporate citizen, we remain committed to economic development and growth aligning ourselves to the national priorities. Considering that we are a part of the financial system our role as a catalyst is well defined and we remain prepared for this.

In last 3 years of journey, we have made significant progress in extension of digitalisation, inclusive finance & integration in banking system on many counts. However, a large section of our population remains socially and economically excluded from the mainstream development. This needs a different approach, Sugmya Foundation (SF) was established in 2023 with this in mind.

SF’s flagship program focuses on enabling social and financial inclusion through livelihoods. It’s our strong belief that unless the livelihood needs are not met adequately, all other social objectives around health, education, nutrition, hygiene etc., will remain under achieved. In the current mission period stretching till 2030, we have set for ourselves a goal of supporting 2 million families under this program. The program will focus on various segments of our society like women entrepreneurship, financial & digital literacy, health, education in the deep underprivileged communities.
We will evolve the program to keep it relevant to needs of people and their economic and social well-being and contribute meaningfully towards country’s development. India is committed to achievement of UN SDGs by 2030 and a lot of collaborative effort amongst the governmental agencies, corporates, civil society organisations and communities is needed. We commit ourselves to this cause in a small way.

Our Key Intervention areas

At SUGMYA FINANCE, we are helping to transform lives of millions of Indians through our social initiatives. These initiatives come under the umbrella of ‘SUGMYA FOUNDATION’ and they aim to contribute towards the economic and social development of the country by sustainably empowering its’ communities.
Sugmya Foundation has been a catalyst in making a difference in the lives of people through its interventions in the areas of rural development, environment, education, skill development and livelihood enhancement, healthcare & hygiene and financial literacy.
With a lot already done, the Sugmya Finance continues to bring about the change keeping with its philosophy of Sustainability and Innovation.


Development in a large country such as ours brings with it various challenges— the foremost being translating economic growth to sustainable development. Through various Sustainable Livelihood initiatives, SUGMYA FOUNDATION encourages marginalised communities and businesses to include social and environmental consideration in their operations.



Community Development

Awareness Campaign


Our Social impact initiatives FY’23-24

4 Lac +


9 +

SDGs that Sugmya is contributing to

2 + Ton CO2

emission reduced

95 % Women

Majority of beneficiaries are women
those are associated in the journey of transformation.

2 Lac +

Banking integration of unbanked beneficiaries
by providing financial & digital literacy.

Environment Initiatives

Greener & Cleaner Planet Program

Plantation Drive: Aiming towards a Greener Planet

SUGMYA Foundation organized plantation drive across locations in 13 states and planted more than 5000 plantations, as a bid to save environment, reduce erosion of soil and to celebrate green day of trees and forests in the monsoon season. Locations for this drive were Government, Primary and Intermediate Schools, Colleges, Anganwadi’s, Hospitals, Government offices such as Panchayat bhavan & police station) at selected villages and towns in our operational states. Through, With the support of pan India employees of Sugmya Finance, Sugmya Foundation organised tree plantation drive not just within our operational areas but across the connected locations as well. We aim to achieve multifarious objectives- make our surroundings green and to give back to the community we operate in.

Awareness Campaign on Clean & Revitalise Yamuna River

On the special occasion of “World Water Day”, 22 March’24, Yamuna Mahotsav program was organized through Sugmya Foundation in Delhi. In which the special organizing organizations were Shri Yamuna Seva Samiti. A street play was performed as part of an awareness program on the cleanliness and utility of Yamuna River. Senior officials of Sugmya Finance, Mr. Vikas Singh and Mr. Braj Mohan Singh also participated, under whose guidance the program was completed. Around 1000 people of the community became a part of the awareness campaign and participated in the Clean River Drive campaign. Senior delegates from the reputed corporates & social sectors were participated in the signature campaign & took some oaths. Finally, the program was concluded with the aarti of Maa Yamuna ji. Total outreached by directly or indirectly with support of media were around 10,000 people through media campaign.

cleaning drive
nukkad natak..9
signature camapign in yamuna mahotsav
World water day, yamuna mahotsav

Promoting Clean Energy & Green Energy: Creating awareness among society

Since its founding, Sugmya has enabled the adoption of 41,414 items based on environmentally friendly technologies. The program has led to a decrease in carbon dioxide emissions by 21672 units. What incredible growth! Sugmya has directly improved the lives of 200,000 beneficiaries by promoting awareness about many powers saving methods and giving them access to better lightning solutions.


“Sampoorn Swasthya” Program: Health Initiative

Sugmya Aarogya Kendra

In this FY23-24, We have operationalized 110 e-clinics facilities at Sugmya’s actives branch offices as an extended health services in the presence of our health care facilitator to our customers and community people with hi-tech on-call doctor facility and primary medication. More than 22000 beneficiaries were benefitted directly and indirectly their entire families got benefitted through our on-call doctor services.

Free Medical Camps

We conduct free medical camps with the help of the SUGMYA team to provide accessibility of primary health monitoring services to the underprivileged section of the society. These camps promoted better health and ensured overall wellbeing of the society.

Sugmya’s Wellness Program

Sugmya Foundation conducted some health screening camps for the employees (Eye camp, Dental camp & Full body screening) of Sugmya Finance with technical support of reputed healthcare service providers like Clove dental, Foresight eye centre & Yuva healthcare with the aim to ensure the wellness of employees.

Community Initiative

Hope Project: Community Development Initiative

Holi Celebration

A Holi Utsav celebration was organised by Sugmya finance with support of Sugmya Foundation in their operational area of Murdhawa, Renukoot district of UP & Gopalganj district of Bihar with more than 1500 underprivileged children. Holi kits were distributed among the children and their families also participated in the event by having sweets, gujhiya and pichkaries.

Donation & Distribution

Bringing smile on a child’s face can give immense satisfaction and peace of mind, that’s why the Sugmya foundation took such an initiative. On 2nd of March Sugmya family and Sugmya foundation collectively distributed school kits, stationary items, new clothes, indoor and outdoor games, and food items among more than 200 children in crisis. Named as ‘Hope Project’, this program had been organized under the CSR initiative of Sugmya company. Under this program essential items were distributed at the shelter home at Jama Masjid which has been running by Sophia Welfare Trust. Moreover, a donation of 51 thousand rupees was also given by Sugmya foundation to build a recreational zone for these children. This noble initiative brought spark in the eyes of children, and they were looking very happy.

Holi 1
Holi 2
Donation 1
Donation 2

Food Distribution Camp: Slum cluster of Delhi

Sugmya organised free food distribution camp at slum cluster of Karkardooma, Delhi for the homeless families on “World happiness day” with the aim of spreading happiness among the faces of needy people. As, our primary body requirement is having nutritious diet to energise our body and such underprivileged section of our society is suffering from the hunger starvation. Hence, Sugmya is interving in all such areas to fulfil the basic hunger needs of the needy people.

Blanket Distribution Drive

As temperatures drop in North India, SUGMYA undertook a blanket distribution drive. To achieve the large scale of distribution, SUGMYA joined hand with SF for the same. In total, approximately 2000 warm blankets were distributed to the most needy and homeless people on the streets of Bihar, UP, Jharkhand & Delhi.

food distribution to slum cluster people
For food distribution camp

Education Initiative

Education Initiative: Bachpan ek Darpan

Our Library Sponsorship Program aims to facilitate literacy advances, research interest, and employment opportunities in the interior areas. By increasing the number of books and other academic resources in school and community libraries, we expect. Libraries are a core piece of any community; we hope to revitalize the materials in libraries across rural areas of Bihar in a means to heighten literacy among underprivileged sections of society. We have donated of Rs.20,000 to the very needy library “Dr. Hedgewar Pustakalya, Madhubani, Bihar.


Awareness Initiative

Awareness Initiative: “Suno Saheli” Project

“Suno Saheli” Project

Launched this project at various locations of Bihar, Jharkhand, UP, Haryana, Uttarakhand states: Around, 28 Workshops conducted with schoolgirls and community women on Menstrual Hygiene & Health Management. And distributed Sanitary pads & IEC materials among the participants. With aim to create mass level awareness on Mental Hygiene to breakdown the social taboos & create supportive environment for women & adolescence.

for sanitation drive
Suno Saheli, Gorakhpur
suno saheli

On March 8th: International Women's Day

We virtually trained all our e-clinic health facilitators (Asha Workers) with a subject matter expert (Ms. Priyanka) from the HDD Foundation, and we awarded certificates to each one of them. The primary goal was to increase their level of understanding on the delicate subject of menstrual cleanliness and health.


Promoting sensitization & awareness in the community people by using IEC material

Developed IEC materials to impart awareness amongst people about a range of environmental, health, and social concerns. With the support of Sugmya team, we created mass level awareness among our beneficiaries and their families.

IEC material
for IEC Material
SDGs picture
Suno Saheli

Media Coverage

holi utsav media covergae
media coverage .1 (2 mar'24, donation drive)
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Media coverage of yamuna mahotsav
Media coverage
media coverage

Core team members of Sugmya Foundation

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