Vikas Singh

Co-Founder & CEO

Mr. Vikas Singh is the driving force behind Sugmya Finance Private Limited, a prominent Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC) in India. As the Co-Founder & CEO, he leads with a vision to revolutionize the lending industry by establishing a unique business model focused on 100% cashless transactions and an impressive 99% recovery track. With over 16 years of extensive experience in business development, Mr. Vikas Singh has made significant contributions to various sectors including microfinance, Self-Help Groups (SHGs), NABARD projects, and institutional lending. His expertise and insights have been instrumental in shaping Sugmya Finance into a trusted name in the financial landscape. Prior to founding Sugmya Finance, Mr. Vikas Singh served as the Deputy Chief Operating Officer (Dy COO) at Satin Credit Care Limited, where he gained invaluable experience and expertise in the industry. His decision to venture into entrepreneurship reflects his commitment to innovation and his determination to make a positive impact on the financial ecosystem. Under his leadership, Sugmya Finance is poised to continue its journey of growth and excellence, driven by a relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. Mr. Vikas Singh's strategic vision and unwavering dedication continue to propel the company towards new heights of success.
Business Management
Project Analysis